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Anonymous asked: Favorite mom blogs?

Any that like this post !

Anonymous asked: Favorite top 3 books you would recommend

Mm it depends on what books you like! I only really read thrillers, political dramas, dramas… Those kinds of things. Some light hearted, happy go-lucky love crap. But hardly ever do I read Nicholas sparks stuff. It’s too depressing.


The cross series by James Patterson, or the women’s murder mystery club series by James Patterson, breakfast at Tiffany’s by James Patterson… Shutter island and mystic river by David lehane, confessions of a shopaholic, and I love the lemoney snicket series… Hahah!
But honestly… I don’t know! Anything! Read anytbing and everything and don’t stop reading.

Just finished Gone Girl. It was actually pretty good! Read it in two days… I’m glad I’m reading again. It makes me happy.

I wish the book ended different though… Don’t we all.

Day 2; only half way done.

Old Alison would be disappointed.

Day 2; only half way done.

Old Alison would be disappointed.

Anonymous asked: You're are definitely the most special. You contribute so much to this world. Praying for you always

WHO ARE YOU? Whoever you are, I’m pretty sure you always send me nice messages and you’re just the coolest! Thank you so much!!!! Xox

If someone doesn’t tell you; today, tomorrow, when you need it, while you cry, when you laugh, when you scrunch your nose, when you roll your eyes, when you bite your lip, nails and tongue…

You are special, damn it. And you deserve someone who treats you like the most special treasure they’ve ever found. You are special. Say it to yourself. You’re one of a kind. A gosh darn treasure. And you’re awesome, smart, funny, cool… Whatever the heck you need to be.

You are. Hug yourself. Hug me. Because so many of you are making me sad not realizing how dang special you are. You are MORE than the dirt someone treats you like. Remember that. Live your life like that.


I’m in my head entirely too much… Or an I? I always wonder if it’s normal.

I feel like I must think like a writer because I narrate my thoughts. “Alison wondered, as she sipped her pumpkin spice latte in true white girl fashion…”

Except, I think I think to myself more in Carrie Bradshaw fashion rather than in third person…

Ford is with his uncle and I’m just tryna get some laundry put away and she just wants to play dolls and give me kisses and tell me “love you mama!”

Guess the laundry can wait !
Ps/ how cute are the Disney little people?!


Just trying to fold laundry…

Waiting for my sheets to dry and hangin out with my newest obsession.