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I feel like Allie is ruining my life tbh…
How they gon leave the episode like that….

Anonymous asked: This is going to sound weird... Do you have small feet? You posted a picture of your feet and your daughters and your feet look tiny!

Awww hahah! I think for my height, I do. Or maybe just in general. I wear 6-6.5… And I’m 5’6”.

I have really small extremities… Like hands and feet. And ears… Haha.

Scars remind us of where we’ve been, but they don’t have to dictate where we go.

Happy national dog day to my sweet little Johnny.
He’s seriously the best dog in the world. I love dogs. Dogs are so happy. They’re so loving. He just follows me around and loves me more than anything ever. Seriously. He goes to the bathroom with me, or waits outside the door. Makes me spoon him. Sleeps in my bed like a human. He’s the sweetest. I love this little guy so much. Seriously.


Words of wisdom from Amy Poehler


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Started watching Once Upon A Time… And super excited to see Zoe from himym is the main lady! She good.

Also, the 9th season of himym is supposed to be on Netflix in September… I’m holding my breath. Also waiting for Bates Motel and The Following… Then to decide what to watch next.

I started It’s Always Sunny… And it’s pretty funny, but what else? I was thinking Game of Thrones? Or.. Idk. I need help. 😕

Hilary Duff is so precious.
I love her forever.