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With grace in your heart, and flowers in your hair.

I don’t understand people who are mean out of jealousy. I really don’t. If I’m “jealous” or envious of someone, I don’t let it take form in rage. I let it be more like admiration. Like “dang she has nice hair! I wish I had nicer hair!” Then I would be like “yo you have nice hair!” I don’t let my insecurities take over and stop me from being nice to people.

I know there are a few people who give me back handed compliments, avoid posts that have my name attached or have said some not nice things. And honestly, it bums me out. Because I feel like being happy for someone else is the easiest way to just have a happier heart. How must it feel to have rage seeping through your heart like that?

We are all people. With feelings and insecurities. Feelings of inadequacy… I wish more people took that into account.

Anonymous asked: I wish I could be skinny like you :(


One day I won’t be this skinny. Will that make me less beautiful? How heartbreaking if our beauty is confined to words like skinny, curvy, tall, voluptuous, hot, or sexy. Those are words and words like this are flat and never tell the whole story. Bodies change and vary and are unique. I won’t always look the way I look…and because of that, I can’t ever base my worth off of my physical appearance…and neither can you.

Recognize the beauty of your spirit instead. Your physical body will change, it will shrivel up, it will wrinkle, it will die. Mine will too. Physical beauty will mean nothing then. What will matter is the way you giggle, the twinkle in your eye when you understand contentment, the warmth others feel when they speak with you, and the love you radiate when you walk in a room. Cultivate those things. I promise there are millions of things about you that are beautiful…don’t ever trade them in for a physical attribute that will try and make you flat and one dimensional. You are not one dimensional. You are life itself. Your spirit is lovely and smart and passionate and daring, sweet friend. Don’t forget it.


It’s okay to fill your life with things
that aren’t other people. One day
you’re going to be in love, but
today you’re going to make
something with your bare hands
and be proud of it. You are not a
half-person or a single puzzle
piece or a home with empty
bedrooms and you’re certainly
not around just to fill someone
else’s empty spaces either.

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Do moms ever wear their hair down? 
Wearing a tail today! ☺️🐴

Do moms ever wear their hair down?
Wearing a tail today! ☺️🐴

Target selfies ~

Self tan 4 dayz~

Self tan 4 dayz~

Anonymous asked: Ford is an awesome name!!

Ah thank you! I think so too! :)

Anonymous asked: Your sons name is Ford? For real?

It is! For real, for real!

I know not everyone likes it, or is fond of it, but that’s okay! :) I think his name is pretty cool and very fitting!

A few exciting things;

-tomorrow I have a dr appt with a gi. Hope they figure out what’s happening :/ I’m ready for this to be over!

-yoga Wednesday!

-two steppin Friday!

-mil comes in town Saturday!

-and Lake Tahoe/Vegas in like 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH IM SO EXVITED FOR A REAL 9 DAY VACATION WITH NO KIDS!

Edit; also changing my hurr did next week!!!!! AHHHHHH LIFE